"Can't we all just get along?"

Unity, peace, understanding, love. We can.

Is it greed, ego, jealousy, laziness, fear, addictions, closed minds?  Things like these intertwined?  They seem to create an enormous challenge.  Is making peace a challenge, a matter of time, a dream..? 

Here's a challenge.  Accept people for who they are and be nice.  Try it for a day or two, or a thousand.  Everyone try it and lets see how it goes.  We can still discuss this and that, we can even disagree.  Just try to be nice along the way.  What would it hurt?  What do you have to loose?

And, I have to say that I still think everyone loving everyone should be our main goal.  It's just what I think.

love love love

love ya big thinkers 

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