Can the loss of family destroy an empire?

Where have all the families gone, and how will this affect the U.S.?

Divorce - probably the scariest word for a family to hear, and probably the hardest to survive

The divorce rate in America is somewhere around 1 in every 2 families of first time spouses separates. Any remarriages between either spouse and the number goes up. How has this dynamic shift from two parent homes to one parent homes affected America? Have we even seen the effects of this phenomenon yet? Or will the repercussions of single parent homes not be felt until the next generation?

The youth of today already seem somewhat disinterested and lost. Basically left to wander on their own, this seems to be exactly they have done. Already we are hearing of a failing educational system, and a higher teen pregnancy rate than ever before. These issues may just be the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, most of the parents raising the children of this generation won't even be around to try to clean up the mess that they have so selfishly created.

So here's my question - Is this just another reason America may be on the decline? Or is this issue more important than that? If it is, then isn't there anything that can be done about it?

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