Can The Empire State Building Go Green?

It has played backdrop to King Kong movies, a few Frank Sinatra cameos and a plane crash. Now New York's most iconic building is getting the biggest eco retrofit in U.S. skyscraper history.

The crusading green team at the Clinton Climate Initiative will spearhead a $500 million project to green the Empire State Building. The retrofit will seek to minimize energy usage in all of the building's systems, especially  its electrical delivery which incorporates 2,500,000 feet of electrical wiring to carry 40 million kilowatt hours a year to tenants.

The retrofit will be finished by the end of 2010, a bit longer than the frenetic 145 days required to construct the 103-floor building in 1930 and 1931. It was an odd time to debut the building at the start of the Great Depression, but the new overhaul to promote cost-savings and energy efficiency dovetails appropriately with the new hard times.

Compelling speakers do these 4 things every single time

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The ability to communicate effectively can make or break a person's assessment of your intelligence, competence, and authenticity.

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  • The network filed a lawsuit against the administration on Tuesday, claiming the administration has violated multiple amendments.
  • The White House may only revoke the press credentials of journalists for "compelling reasons," not for reasons involving content.
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