You Say, 'Tomato,' I Say, 'Slave Wages.' Wait, What?!

A primary ingredient in most fast food sandwiches across the country (after the meat and the bun, of course) is one of the only produce items that can be sourced from fair food farms: Tomatoes. 

Which tomato? Grown where, and picked by whom?

It's possible for supermarket chains and fast food companies to buy their tomatoes from fair food sources — farms in Southern Florida, near Naples.

The Coalition Of Immokalee Workers (CIW) makes sure that farmworkers there are treated fairly, and they also negotiate for an extra penny or two per pound of tomatoes picked and sold, so the farmworkers can make a decent — dare I say "living" — wage. 

Here's a trailer for the movie "Food Chains" that was made about these farmworkers and what they've accomplished.

It features Eva Longoria, Eric Schlosser (author, Fast Food Nation), Robert Kennedy, Jr., and many others.

Some of the biggest fast food chains and grocery retailers have signed on and are buying their tomatoes Fair Food Program certified. For more on those that have and have not, take a look at the CIW's page

The Fair Food Program is catching on with other fresh fruits and vegetables, too, such as strawberries.

If you see this logo:

That means it's Fair Food Program certified. Look for it.

And here's a clip featuring the director of Food Chains, Sanjay Rawal, about the farmworkers who bring tomatoes and other produce to our tables.

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