Why Teaching Creationism Alongside Actual Science Is Absurd

We're at a point in human history where building a society on ignorance and scientific illiteracy is risky, at best. 


In this video, Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss tackles the idea that allowing the teaching of “creationism” alongside that of evolution in schools is tantamount to child abuse.

It’s actually quite compelling:


This video was created before the 2016 campaign for president began, and Marco Rubio (whom he mentions in the video) has since dropped out; but the fact is, a large crop of the 2016 candidates from one political party holds to this idea of teaching ignorance in the classroom instead of actual science.  

Experience tells us that denying (or even destroying) science is something that never did the human race any favors.

Krauss even refers to it as “child abuse” — and in the sense that helping kids understand the real world and our relationship to it gives them the tools to survive, I rather agree. Just look at the people in office or running for office who deny global warming, which is almost as absurd. Or maybe equally so.


Look for more Lawrence M. Krauss videos in the Big Think repository. His books are also available online. And find the transcript for this clip here.

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