Boycott the Beijing Olympics 2008

The totalitarian Chinese state's violations of human rights and free speech must be addressed: corporate media in the United States obviously have no interest in calling attention to this rogue state's complete disregard for freedom and political dissent.

 Several multinational and American corporations support the Beijing Olympics and will be heavily advertised as sponsors this summer. Beijing itself is so polluted the athletes themselves will not arrive until shortly before their competitions, because the air quality is so poisonous there are serious concerns it will effect performance.

 Who can possibly watch this summer and not remember the events of Tiananmen Square? Why do we as a nation support "free trade" with such a disgusting dictatorship of "Communist-Capitalist" overlords, and yet states such as North Korea, Iraq and Iran are on the "Axis of Evil"? Surely China's government and how it treats the majority of its people should be included on such a list, if there is to be an "Axis"; surely how China has bankrolled the murderous Sudanese government and the Darfur genocide makes it a rogue state?

 And if not, at the very least, we can refuse to boycott the businesses endorsing the 1984-like thugs of the Chinese government.

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