Bit-n-Bite Menu Item Labeler - a tool to pack more nutrition in your calories

Bit-n-Bite Nutrition Labeling at Fast-Food and other Chain Restaurants.

The Bit-n-Bite Nutrition Labeling help people keeping track of the calories before they start eating, and packing more nutrition in the calories. This job can be done at a minimal price.

Mom and pop restaurants have a great chance to prosper if they take advantage of calorie and nutrient labeling as a business opportunity and try to compete with the big chains to offer healthier dishes. With the Bit-n-Bite Nutrition Labeling this can be done.

To provide nutrition information about Special customized orders and even daily specials is facilitated with the Bit-n-Bite Nutrition Labeling, and it is also very easy to list nutrition information for all possible different food preparation options and combinations. This would provide a good basis for comparison from which customers could make informed choices.

People get better access to the already existing nutrition labeling. The approximat

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