The debate has raged - on Big Think and other sites - about whether Peter Thiel's experimental fellowship program that pays students to drop out of college and pursue entrepreneurial ventures is a good or bad idea. 

"It’s hard to start a great company if you bought a big house, and it may be hard to start a big company if you are burdened down with enormous amounts of student loans," Thiel has argued.

"The message that is getting out is that all “higher education” isn’t cost justified—for any student," argues skeptic Vivek Wadhwa

Now a few years into this experiment, 60 fellows have received $100,000 grants to skip college for two years. We're now starting to see some of the results come in. 2011 Thiel Fellow Ben Yu partnered with venture capitalist Deven Soni to create a topical caffeine spray, that is caffeine that you spray on your skin.

Watch here:

(h/t Bloomberg Businessweek)