Your client's expectations about technology tend to come from his or her experience as a consumer. 

So let's say your client wants to track the status of an order, for instance, and wants to be able to access that information from "any device, anywhere, anytime."

This is the kind of problem that Jeanette Horan, Chief Information Officer of IBM, thinks through every day. But Horan's challenge is not only to figure out how to serve clients, but how to serve 430,000 employees in 170 different countries. 

"These days so many of our employees are on the road or they’re working at client sites," Horan says. "And they have this expectation from their consumer life that they can do all of these transactions while they’re on the road, they’re sitting at the airport, whatever it is."

There are productivity gains to be made here, for sure, but Horan says she also has to balance that with maintaining the security of devices.


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