Tim Ferris on Global Domination for Cheap

Tim Ferris is the indisputable king of hacking life and business. At the heart of his strategies is hyper-efficiency: the 80/20 rule of focusing on the small things that create big impacts.

The best-selling author provides his insight into how to go global on a small budget.

Turn Your Brand Into a Global Phenomenon

First, you need to scale down. Your job is to focus on the needs--in excruciating detail--of your 1,000 core customers. Then service those needs by making your brand indispensable to their lives. They will do the selling for you.

Strive to Be Different

In a crowded marketplace, it seems impossible to cut through the noise. But it's not, says Ferris. In his latest interview with Big Think, he provides personal case studies as well as those of leading brands on how being different is nonnegotiable. There can be no fear of standing out from the crowd if you want to make it onto the world stage. 

Go After the Goliaths

What's the point of having a brand if you can't have a little fun? Find the biggest competitor in your industry and go after it. Ferris explains how he did that with his book The Four Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, which he stopped by Big Think last year to talk about.

Media Control

Don't bore the press. Chances are they don't want to write about your company. Instead, control the narrative and earn their interest by showing how you're part of a trend. Ferris recommends other marketing hacks that will help you craft a story worth telling.

So are you ready to go global?

Watch the video below and sign up for your free trial to Big Think Edge today. 

Watch the video below and sign up for your free trial to Big Think Edge today. 

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