We read with great interest a summary of recent research that points to the various ways that a man's relationship with a woman dramatically impacts his behavior. 

Let's say he has a firstborn daughter, as opposed to a son. If this man is a CEO, he will pay his employees more and make sure female employees get the biggest raises. This man will also be much less supportive of traditional gender roles.

If a man has a sister, however, look out! This man is more likely to believe women should do all the housework. 

If a man works with women, this will impact his behavior at home. If he is in a male-dominated industry, he will be less egalitarian at home. However, if he works with women in a female-dominated profession like education, he will be more likely to roll up his sleeves and wash the dishes. 

So what to make of all this?

Sarah Yager summarized the takeaway from these studies as such: "work for a male CEO with lots of daughters, no sisters, and a working wife, and marry a man with plenty of female colleagues and a paycheck that’s bigger than yours."

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 pay their employees more, giving female employees the biggest raises