Why can't you just gather up the courage to ask that girl out on a date or ask your boss for a raise or submit your poem to a journal for publication?

What's holding you back? 


Indeed, we evolved to be fear-mongers. "The fear of the irrational lizard brain," says leadership consultant Tara Sophia Mohr, is an over-reactive fear we have that was designed to detect life-threatening danger. That served humans well in nature, but in the context of dating, or work, or personal development in the 21st century, this is a delusional fear that too often holds us back.

However, as Sophia Mohr points out in her lesson on Big Think Edge, the only forum on YouTube designed to help you get the skills you need to be successful in a rapidly changing world, a better understanding of the different types of fear can help you to gain control over them.

When Sophia Mohr was introduced to the different Hebrew words for fear, for instance, she says it changed her mind about fear and how to approach it. 

The fear of imagined worst-case scenarios - you are rejected by your love interest or your boss or even yourself - is known in Hebrew as pachad.

Another type of fear - called yirah in Hebrew - is what we experience when we are in the presence of something sacred or divine. What is so powerful about this type of fear, Sophia Mohr says, is that if you can realize that what you’re feeling is not just fear, but yirah,

you can actually feel the sacredness of that feeling and you can welcome it. You can live in a more peaceful way with the kind of butterflies in your stomach feeling that comes up when you think about going for your big dreams because it’s not big scary terror and fear. It’s just yirah and it actually signals the sacredness of what you’re touching.

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