If you want to stay competitive and grow your business, work with the best talent you can find. How do you do that? Motivate the talent already in your organization.

In the latest installment of Big Think Edge, Efrat Peled, the Chairman and CEO of social responsibility investment firm Arison Investments, explains how to motivate your team and harness the brain power within your organization.  

“I think in order to motivate people today you need to first believe in them,” says Peled. “Believe and understand that, with all the consulting groups in the world and with all the, you know, knowledge that you can outsource, the best brainpower usually exists in the organization.”

Stop looking outside of your company for experts. There’s an abundance of knowledge inside companies, but how do you leverage the knowledge inside your organization?

From compensation to establishing the right structure, in this exclusive workshop for Big Think Edge, Peled shares her insights and strategies for motivating employees. Here's a preview of that workshop, which you can sign up for now by subscribing to a 14 day free trial to Big Think Edge: