Give your mom the gift of mindfulness

Reduce stress and increase happiness? There's no better Mother's Day gift than that.

  • Get a 1-year subscription to Big Think Edge for your mom this Mother's Day! A subscription unlocks dozens of lessons on our premium video learning platform.
  • Big Think Edge teaches soft skills or, as we like to say, "thing you can do with your head", like divergent thinking, decision-making, and communication and leadership skills.

What can mindfulness do for your mom? Quite a lot of good, actually. Although the details of our lives differ from person to person and age to age, stress and anxiety are universal problems. And they're compounded by the way the mind works—always dwelling on past events and trying to anticipate future ones. No matter how easy or difficult our real-world circumstances, it's our reactions to them that most profoundly affect our well-being, and freeing ourselves from reactivity begins with seeing it clearly. Mindfulness is the ancient practice of learning to observe these thoughts and reactions rather than being swept away by them.

At Big Think Edge, Sharon Salzberg, one of the most popular teachers of the practice and one of the first to introduce it to the West in the 1970s, teaches a simple but powerful mindfulness technique that can significantly reduce stress and increase happiness. Surely there's no better Mother's Day gift than that?

While mom may or may not find enlightenment as a result, the practice of mindfulness can "lighten up" her mood, brighten up her day, and with our 50% Mothers' Day discount on a subscription to Big Think Edge, improve her entire year.

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