Like moths, we are attracted to light. In a company, that light is innovation. Everyone wants to be a part of the latest greatest thing. But that should not come at the expense of delivering on a product that has already been developed.

In a lesson on Big Think Edge, the only forum on YouTube designed to help you get the skills you need to be successful in a rapidly changing world, leadership consultant Stephen Miles argues that a balance must be maintained between optimization on one front and growing things on the other front. "I think a lot of times we optimize on one or the other which sub-optimizes the company," Miles says. 

In the video below, which you can watch in full by signing up for a free trial at Big Think Edge, Miles presents three key ways to maintain this balance.  

  • To be successful, innovation requires both the planting of seeds and the pruning of buds.

  • Experimentation is a strategy that supports innovation without sacrificing optimization.

  • Leadership teams should contain a complementary mix of planters and pruners, or innovators and optimizers.

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