big idea, but where do I go from here?

So I have this big idea, even have a buyer in my target market - sample is due on their desk the first week of February 2009 (I almost feel like Gates selling DOS without having the OS built yet *snicker*). Currently there is nothing in the market that addresses what my niche product does, an idea that I've been developing since April of this year - with medical science on my side and 20 years of research to back it up. There is also another party interested in my product idea for their employees (second target market), so I want to strike while the iron's hot, eventually going global.

Not looking to launch a formal business because purchasing might be made through an existing B2B relationship, so hopefully that will not be an issue. Everything else looks promising except no capital to get it off the ground: soft patent, copyright, supplemental facts and FDA requirements, plus bulk purchase of co-mingled product, package printing, shipping - and the lawyer to seal the deal.

I am a designer/programmer for print and web but know nothing about the business of inventing or trusting investors with my big idea.

Where do I find trusted investors and how do you suggest I make that February deadline? 

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