BBC=brain-washing briti-sssh civilians [distract us from the destruction]

The BBC is a jewish controlled extension of MI5 and MI6. Its primary function is propaganda, and in the UK, if you watch TV, and reuse to pay the BBC for its propaganda, you go to prison. 

 the use of the BBC is by Ultra meta-psy-ops methods actually play on the BBC getting into trouble because of its ‘bias’. Take the Holocaust in Gaza. Blair has the public anger at the BBC used to distract from the fact that Blair was the CONFIRMED architect of the Holocaust, and that many of the weapons used shipped through the UK.

 Likewise, that the UK was a prime mover at protecting the jew-nazis butchers in the UN during their campaign. The self same trick was used over the invasion of Iran, when Blair had the ex-weapon ‘inspector’ (read spy for Israel), Dr Kelly, murdered. Immediately, this turned into another debate about the BBC. THE USE OF THE BBC AS AN APPARENT ‘WHIPPING BOY’ IS THE CLEVEREST PSY-OP TRICK YOU’LL SEE ON THE PLANET.

 The BBC is  pumping out its depraved pro-jew-nazi propaganda (just as the BBC supported Hitler during his rise in the early 1930s). 95% of brits get their main ‘news’ (specific and general) from this source. So, using the BBC as a distraction damages the BBC as a propaganda outlet not one whit, but doubles its usefulness to the government, ..

IN MI5 THERE IS ONE RULE, "DO NOT LET THE SHEEP TALK ABOUT THE ISSUES- HAVE THEM TALK ABOUT PERSONALITIES OR REPORTING ORGANISATIONS , or sport INSTEAD". Go to any mainly british forum, and watch how ‘regulars’ always move the convo from the issues to the personalities, like Galloway or Benn, for instance.

Its an old trick, and it always works. THE HOLOCAUST IN GAZA WAS SUPPORTED AND FINANCED BY THE ENTIRE UK GOVERNMENT (not the same as the entire parliament- many elected UK politicians are completely anti-Israel, unlike their US equivalents), AND THE LEADERS OF THE LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE PARTIES (AND THE EXTREME-RIGHT-WING BNP PARTY). Never, ever forget this.

 Orwell based his Ministry of Truth on the BBC. You can see why! Mark Thompson wife is Jewish, they visited Arial Sharon in 2005 in Israel trying to reach a new era of co-operation between Israel and the BBC. Head of bbc trust Sir Michael Lyons, prominant Jew Michael Grade controller of BBC……AND ON…and on…..and on The Jewish stranglehold on the BBC is the reason why this has come to this.

Talmud crime syndicate . The BBC is a Zionist front run by top Zionist Mark Thompson. Read: Wikipedia article on Mark Thompson Things to note: In November 2005, Thompson traveled with his Jewish wife to Israel, where he held direct talks with Ariel Sharon, which were intended to let the BBC ‘build bridges with Israel

 Ehud Olmert vows "Any Israeli soldiers accused of war crimes in the Gaza Strip will be given state protection from prosecution"

..talking to IDF spokespersons is a completely controlled propaganda machine that was the foundation and blueprint for many other propaganda machines. They can’t go under the guise of being "credible" or "un-biased" anymore... 

 Britts created Zionest Isreal at the hi cost of American blood in WW1 and WW2, by sucking usa into a war, and initiating israel influences into usa... 

 bbc has long censored israel posts ,reportedly over 60 percent of israel topic replies] but even this post from my regular site [morgana forumco] gets the censure treatment ..[it refuses to post]..,its the big boys doing as they do live time , so will just keep posting it till it posts somewhere ...

what say the 'new' presedent?..

 its time for the full court press mr pres...

or even simply honest press..

 as if the israel issue isnt complicated enough here is a link from republican broadcasting [from the show the 'sting of stang' no less] ...Discussion about Gaza and Israel with author Barry Chamish[israelie] who speaks of vatican.and cfr special intrests in israel ,as well as plo/hamas [and]..who set [manouvered/financed] them into power at various times]

 this isnt one to listen to if you think the issue is simple[shadow govts are spoken of ,for egsample as well as many other 'special intrests groups/good zionists and natzi zionists , teutonic zionists ] well he wrote it into a book..[several books actually] so if you support israel you need to clearly know which israel your supporting [i still feel by their deeds is the best measure] try the first hour

if your a glutton to know more try the second

of course other issues are mentioned [but not so far in the 1 st hour] Why did chief justice Roberts goof on oath? …Analysis of Also Known As coronation speech. Ramos and Compean; what happens now?

 the issue was never intended to be simple but its time the parties used the same wisdom of soloman those who want to cut up the ‘baby ‘…clearly are not the ‘true’ people of god who is loving and mercyfull love god by all means but do it by loving neighbour ,…anything else cannot be for god of course the anti christ stands even in the holy of holies ,[the semenaries]

despite it all jesus told us "even a beast in the stable will know the voice of its master" meaning do we follow the voice of love and mercy [or hate and murder] those who trullt know the voice of love know god those who murder follow not the voice of the life giver one undivided land, let the people decide , who rules by decree of love…

this is the home of many religions ..[not just ..'mine'.. or ...'yours'..] one baby ..[ours] our one god deserves his people …[all his people] …to be as 0ne …[for the only one all loving all mercyfull ] interesting discussion about xtian zionists/israe [after the 8 min mark]

There is one creator god who alone gave each living their life we call the god father we get to relise our father by loving life loving living , loving love to give grace and mercy unto all life as we would be it to have be , given to us we serve good/god life giver or the life taker by our deeds know the voice of love brings peace


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