Aspartame is a proven poison approved by a conflict of interest, any debate?

Aspartame is accused of being an epidemic in our society. Causing Cancer, M.S., Autistic children, tumours etc.... on and on.

There are many studies that claim this is a neurotoxin and cancer causing agent that reacts with other food and medicine.

When this was approved this had a major known confilct of interest in its approval. It was sold to Monsanto by Donald Rumsfield after he placed the FDA approval guy for his one and only job or approval.

It is crap and hidden by a complex layered system of lies and deception. Many studies PROVE THIS IS POISION AND THE SYMPTOMS ON SOCIETY ARE OBVIOUS. Documented reports, scientists and studies.

I would like to say to the people that use aspartame in your foods are known it is well documented that there was a conflict in approval. THIS IS ENOUGH TO RE-EXAMINE THE FACTS.


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