Confessions of a Millennial

It’s been 78 days since my last blog post. It’s shameful to admit, but I wasn’t sure how else to break the silence.  

Did I get lost on my way to work one morning? That would be impossible as I work from home (it’s true, I’m about as “millennial” as it gets). Did I get amnesia and forget I had a blog? Can’t be since I’ve actually thought about my blog every single one of those 78 days. Did I run out of ideas of what to blog about? Not even close – I bought a waterproof notepad for all the ideas I come up with just in the shower!  So why on earth haven’t I published anything in over two months?? Well here’s the million-dollar answer …

I am lazy.

I can hear all of you millennial-bashers out there beaming with pride or harrumphing with “I told you so’s”!

But it’s true – I have become the stereotype that I’m constantly trying to escape and exceed… and I’m not proud.

However, you millennial-bashers can stop smiling because although I have been lazy, I am not lazy in the way other generations assume about us millennials.

You see, I have been working harder at my job than ever before. Rather than procrastinating at work and spending time on my personal blog, I chose to focus more heavily on improving my company’s brand instead of my own.  Narcissistic I am not.

In typical millennial fashion, I have a multitude of interests, but personal branding is not at the top of the list – it’s actually much closer to the bottom. High on my list are intrapreneurship, the future of marketing and retail, brand experience, reverse mentoring, corporate structure, work life 2020 and the list goes on and on. When it comes to any of those interests, there is not a single lazy bone in my body. An Innovation workshop at 7am on a Saturday morning two hours away? Sign me up! A Women 2.0 event at 9pm on a Friday evening? Heck yeah! Coffee with a mentor at 2pm on a Sunday? See you later blog, I’ve got better things to experience and accomplish.

So, yes, as indolent as I am (my extreme laziness over the past three months has resulted in about eight other half-finished posts sitting on my desktop that will likely never get touched again), I am not lazy with the things you assume about my generation. I am not lazy about visiting my family, getting my  “real” work done, and helping others in their pursuits.  I am simply lazy about that which only benefits me… Is that selflessness speaking?? And at the end of the day (actually the past 78 days) I am proud to admit that fact to all you millennial-bashers out there.

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