Not so long ago, when people used computers, they had to wear gloves and punch holes on cards to store information. With the PC, came personalization and users could have they data and applications on their personal computing devices.

In the 21st century, people have become very mobile. With more purchasing and spending power they travel a lot to different places around the world or within their country. For business or pleasure.

And every time they move out of their home location, they need to take a backup of their data on storage devices or upload the content online so they can access it from anywhere. Some use expensive mobiles or cellphones for this.

FreeOnlineOS offers a low cost or totally free solution where you need not tag your work to a particular location. Your work is portable and easily accessible.

With the proliferation of portable storage devices such as pen drives and portable hard drives with huge capacities, this has become a practical reality.

FreeOnlineOS shows how you can can store you work online and yet access the data from a portable device when you are offline.

So instead of working on your computer and then taking a backup on a portable device, you do the opposite. You work off your computer and on a portable device and take your backup on your home or office computer.

If you have excellent, reliable connectivity and always online you could just do all of your work online without requiring to take a backup on a portable device or your computer. This is called the thin client version. You could then access your work from anywhere using any computer with Internet connection.

However, if you do not have a reliable Internet connection, then FreeOnlineOS recommends working from a portable storage device using portable suite of applications which can be downloaded from the website free of cost.

The advantage of this solution is that you can access or draft your content even when you are offline and then share it with the world or your close friends and colleagues when you are online. It offers more privacy of your information so long as you secure the portable device and the content on it.