The thinking about time and space in our community is based on experience. We do know that we can run 100m in 10s. But, take a look at quantum physiks and at the Informational web that is throwing us into a new dimension of technologie. What is the base of this technologie? It's a wave, clearly seperated in form of a steady wave, with fixed frequency. The information is riding on it. And you are able to receive it if you are synchronising on it. The hole Universe is build up on this Theorie. If you split a quantum state into two accurate "waves" and if you send them in two different directions, now you change the state of only one "Wave", the other wave is immediately adopting this state, without wasting time, so everything is coppled by information. But today the exact behavior of this infinite small Waves or helix is not clear. This bag of information-wool, seems to be a woven carpet. One day maybe humans will be able to understand how to wove Information carpets and this day will maybe be the day of Warp Drive. I hope my english is not to "wired"?