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Why You Might Never Want to Go to the Game or Movie Theater Again

Imagine a football game in 4K, especially as the sound gets enhanced.

DirecTV is going to start delivering 4K to the home next year.  The hundred-inch screen or whatever it is that they’re using as a test bed – it’s amazing.  If there is enough content, you might never go to the movie theater.  That could be a problem for the movie business because it’s as good as anything you could imagine in a movie theater, and at a certain distance what’s the difference between that and being in a bigger theater but farther away? 

We’ll see where that goes, but I’m pretty amazed at it and obviously, as usual, sports will be a critical part of that ecosystem.

Imagine a football game in 4K, especially as the sound gets enhanced.  So I think it’s pretty wonderful to see how sports constantly pushes the paradigm of what works.  I found myself entranced by the America’s Cup because they embedded cameras all over the boats, and they embedded microphone all over the boats so that your experience of it was so much more visceral because you were constantly having these close-ups from these tiny obviously wireless cameras that were all over the place. 

As a television experience it was pretty astonishing.  And so I think we’re just beginning to think about what this could be. 

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