In December of 2007, the "author" of jihad, Sayed (or Sayyed) Imam Al-sharif, ie. Dr. Fadl, refuted the extremism and abuse Al-Quida and other Muslim-based terrorist groups leaders have 'misled' their follows too believe and execute. Too much of it based on earlier writings of his, as Dr. Fadl is considered one of al Qaeda's senior theologians.

This has been attempted to be quieted by terrorist leaders, yet it is becoming more evident that Dr. Fadl's book (written while in Egyptian prison) and other common sense, faithful Islamic ideas are creating change at "street" level, affecting recruitment and arresting support of terrorist activities.

Governments of the world are looking at this cautiously, yet what harm would there be with optimistic caution, or even encouragement of such possibilities. It's believable that Muslims want this, as they have indicated they have not been well represented, as a majority, by the radical extremists.

If you want to gather more information for a more complete understanding, start with a search ( for: sayed imam al-sharif

This is posted to encourage awareness.

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