Why are their so many rules in today's church. There seems to be more rules than their our lives being transformed by Christ. A church is the Body of Christ and Christ being the head. Could it be that where living in our indivalistic lives that we become so numb to ourselves we can't feel the rest of our body. Church should be a lifestlye where we come to God with our own dead skin and want to come alive in Christ. Romans 6:8-11 talkes about being made alive in Christ. Why are their so many Pastors getting divorces because of having an affair with anothor women, struggling with pornography, having sexual assults? Where is the holy living at? What does your church look like? Is it fully engaged with God's word and growing through God's people? Are we so blind that we can't see a lost world out their in darkness or do we even care about what is going on around us, or even care about God's word? Why are we picking and choseing what we want to beleive and live by in the Bible?