It really isn't. It just happens to get generalized as such, due to being offered in a similar/identical manner as real news. Just as with, what could be considered as, "real news" is selective and purveyed based on what will get the largest audience.

The unfortunate thing about information like "celebrity gossip" is it's desire by the masses who look for anything, even "crap," to distract them from their everyday life. Minding someone else's business; is an avoidance by the "minder," of their own life situations.

Additionally, it is concerning that too many "media professionals" take advantage of the dysfunctional desire(s) among the consumer populace.

As humans evolve as individuals who better know their selves, connect with what they "value" about any and all they encounter, we have the opportunity to change the reasons for wanting to avoid, rationalize, justify and excuse the things we do. (This can be accomplished within a life-time if not much sooner on)

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