What I would like to know is how is it that in 2008, nearly seven years after the tragedy of 911, the people, politicians and culture of America still refuses to discuss the possibility that an examination of America and her actions of the last 100 years in the 3rd world and middle east may help explain why the world has an anti American political bias?   The minute anyone in America even suggests that the United States is in some way responsible for her own misery, they are  shouted down, made to feel unpatriotic and shoved out the door.  I suggest that if Americans were more aware of the impact their foreign policy has made in the world over the last 100 years and if Americans were more worldly, they could not help but see that they are,  in no small way, responsible for their current condition.  This is not meant to be a debate about validating terrorism, I want it to be a debate about why  America refuses to take a good long hard look at itself and consider how its' actions have contributed to the current world threat of radical belief systems.