Descent with modification is the Darwinian explanation for evolution. Advances in genetic studies have allowed us to explain microbiological evolution. Macroevolution, however, remains insufficiently explained. Creationists and ID advocates tell us this is because a superior being had a hand in it. Lamarck's idea of acquired traits was dismissed long ago. Some people believe god is found inside oneself. Perhaps there's a synthesis here that needs to be explored: In addition to genetic potential (via mutation and recombination) and environmental constraints, a third precondition - DESIRE(agency) - might fit into the mix. Darwinian theory has us perceiving species as passive receptacles of change. But there is nothing passive about hunger, libido, and the desire to protect one's offspring. Take these out of the equation and, clearly, there can be no survival. Put these into the equation for biological evolution and we might have grounds for Neo-Lamarckian studies.