In the  Old Testament, God said: "I predict the future."  Then God goes on and predicts the future:   For example: In Daniel 9:24-27...

I will let the four verses speak for themselves:

Verse 24: 490 years are determined for Israel and the Holy City(Jerusalem); to bring in everlasting righteousness(in case you didn't notice; it ain't here yet!!); and to anoint the Most Holy(The Messiah).

verse 25: The 490 years begins when Artaxerxes issues the command(in 445BC) to rebuild Jerusalem..  After 483 years have elapsed(32AD), the Anointed One(the Messiah) will be cut off, but not for himself...  (Sam, what are your comments on Isaiah 53, or Psalms 22?)

verse 26: The people of the RULER to come will destroy Jerusalem and the Temple.(in 70AD)   War will continue after this, until the end; and until desolations are decreed.

verse 27: THe RULER will confirm a 7 year covenant with many. (This is the beginning of the last 7 years..

Note:  The Jewish Temple is now ready to be rebuilt...I have seen a rendering of it!!!  In the middle of the 7 years, the RULER will put an end to sacrifices..(This has happened yet!!).. What are the odds of this prophecy being completed???  I'm looking forward to your reply..