Time and again, when believers are made aware or the dimension of plaigarism within say the Xtian tradition, they shrug it off as meaningless. To those of us that think history has something to offer, it is no small thing that 3 of the key planks of the Christ myth are sourced from Egyptian antiquity. Horus was a 'son of god', not 'born of the seed of man' (in other words a virgin birth), and was resurrected after death. Heaven and hell are constructs that pre-date Xtianity by centuries. how many Gods do the Xtians write off as impossible before settling on Jesus as the version of the myth that somehow cannot be viewed through the same prism as the others? there is so much brilliant credible history and analysis in the libraries of the world, that they readily by-pass for the equivalent of the myths and fables section, right next to the fairy tales. Why is this?