Various species of wildlife have gone extinct before and during all of human existence, this is a part of the natural order of things(my belief). If we accept the argument that humans are as much a part of nature as are, say, palm trees, or striped bass, or a virus or bacteria, then any other species or life-form that becomes "endangered" and even extinct, due to human agency, becomes so as a part of natural occurrence. In addition, new species of life-forms are discovered from time to time, also in accordance with natural processes. Mankind, while threatening, however inadvertently or purposely, the continued existence of a wide variety of extant life-forms, at the same time manifests a desire to control, manipulate, interfere with or otherwise influence the extension-or demise-of select species. If we humans are a serious detriment merely by the actions of our very existence, what gives us the right to compound the error by assuming we should second-guess nature as to which specise are going to be "saved" and which are allowed ot become extinct?