It's sad really, the masses want to either follow in the footsteps of some prophet that is written about in some "holy" book or just deny the existence of God.  There has to be something different out there right?  Do people really need to feel secure that their spiritual beliefs are backed up by millions if not billions of people worldwide?  Why would anyone like being labeled anyways?  Don't they teach you in school about how labels aren't good for people because all they do is cause fights between the 2 groups?  When the bros fight the scene kids it's very similar to when the Christians fight the Muslims, except instead of the groups sharing a common hairstyle and sense of fashion they just share the same holy book and prophet.

People need to start thinking for themselves, and once they have themselves and their god situation figured out then they should help everyone else they know, but not force their beliefs down their throat.  It just seems like the masses are so insecure with themselves now a days that they have to belong in something wherever they head off to in life.