when im in school, not only the hormone racing-uneducated students talk about worthless bullshit. the teachers are too. does it realy fucking matter that cindy is hooking up with brian or what sarah did this over the weekend? no it doesn't. and its not a matter of growing up, because there are people who are in their fourties that still do it. look at the talk shows. and the news. i watch it just to realy see how unimportant the things they say are. i am sick and tired of people wasting mine and their time and energy. there are many more important things to be talking about and getting worked up about. GLOBAL WARMING.  guess what? the oh so superior man that we voted for thinks that global warming is a lie. that its not happening. this goes to show who americans put faith into. im not going to drag on about what global warming is and how it is going to affect us because if you dont know all of that by now you are ignorant. and shouldn't be shoving your thoughts into others faces.

thats all for now. i have a headache.