I've been going back to ideas I've recently written responses to, and am unable to find a lot of them. This is not acceptable. It is either censorship, or computer error, and I'm starting to think it is censorship. Do any other Big Think members have similar instances occuring with their responses? If my opinions do not matter to certain types of people, then this is Free Speech. If censorship of those opinions is allowed by Big Think moderators, then they are molding the responses to fit their own narrow views of the world, which is CENSORSHIP, plain and sinple. If you want sheep, who only paint pictures that agree with those of your "experts", why ask for responses from free thinking individuals? If I don't get the answers I want on this subject, I will be going to every other web forum I can join, (I'm currently unemployed, so I have LOTS of time), and post that BIG THINK is against FREE SPEECH!!!!! Anyone else????