As white person living in North America I'm committed to acknowledging my privilege.  I'm also interested in finding new ways of thinking, knowing and acting that are more inclusive of different social locations.  I didn't always think this way.  I needed to learn about the white legacy of colonialism, and how white folks often need to work on their own privilege and oppressive behaviours before they can be a real ally in anti-racist struggle.  I needed to learn that "whiteness" is a whole way of being; I have white ways of speaking, acting, thinking and learning.  Some of these behaviours seem 'normal' or invisible because they're accepted as the norm.  Non-white ways of being are thus marginalized and seen as 'different' and sometimes wrong.  I'm in the process of uncovering these invisible white behaviours and examining them.


If you're committed to anti-racist struggle and you're white, how did you come to think about your privilege?  What changes have you made in yourself to acknowledge and demolish this privilege?  What have you found helpful/inspiring in this process?


If you're a person of colour committed to anti-racist change, what are your thoughts on white privilege?   Have you found ways that white people can learn to acknowledge their whiteness?  How can people of colour participate in this process without assuming responsibility for changing white folks?