We are continually changing our way of living in regards to our needs and consumptions. Since the dawn of the industrial age human beings simply consume more of the earths natural products. Our greediness can be directly related to our reliance on the way of the modern world, from the way we would rather drive a car to the shop than walk, to our reliance on electricity to power items that are far from being necessities. As our consumption needs grow we will continually consuming the earths natural resources at vastly increasing rates. Mathematically this will only lead down one road, our consumption will grow and the earths resources will not meet the demands of our greed. What alternatives do we have to combat this gradual descent or have we just become to accustomed to our new way of living that we are not prepared to make any major sacrifices, perhaps we should be taking cues from the pre-industrial way of living such as subsidiary farming to ensure our continuance.