...Before you get all upset.Let me preface this question with the proclamation that I do not consider myself to be a Christian or theist in general. I’m more of an apatheist. That being said, if the Catholic Church was the original official Christian church (or at least the oldest), wouldn't it be considered to be closer to understanding the word of God? What right do all the reformist churches have in laying claim to Christianity. I hear people from non-denominational churches refer to Catholicism as something other than Christianity all the time. That’s absurd. I’ve heard of corruption in the Vatican leading to Luther’s reformation for example, but why would Luther remove the sacraments from his religion? Where does predestination come from? Where does Calvin get off with his nonsense? How can anything that has undergone mutations from its original version lay claim to understanding an unchanging divinity?It is my contention, as a non-believer, that the Catholic Church must be the true and ipso facto Christian church. Thoughts?