The obvious:

The Middle East contains most of the world's oil reserves in a time of Energy Scarcity (end of cheap energy and Peak Oil).


No more SuperGiant oil fields have been discovered since the second World War, and they are mostly found in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. The oil fields of Iraq have an extra decade of supply following 15 years of embargo and war. Iran's field's are similarly underdeveloped after 20 years pariah state status. Saudi Arabia's reserves may be showing signs of decline.


The Oil-Men-White-House completely flubbed their attempt to democratize and secure the Iraqi resources. Saudi Arabia is the home and financial father of the worst of Islamic activists who reject an American presence on their soil. Iran is still considered pariah.


America is the largest energy consumer in the world. This energy drives the largest economy and largest customer in the world. Nuff said.


There is only one western-like democracy that is considered so close to the USA as to be criticized by many as too close; there is only one friend in the Middle East that is also energy dependent upon others and who will fight with us, if we ask, to keep the taps on. The oil suppliers in the Middle East are not Israel's friends and are our potential enemies.


In this time of emerging Energy Scarcity and the emerging instability expected from Climate Change, American interests in the Middle East can only grow. Of course, if we are willing as citizens of energy-pig-America, to scrap our SUV's and accept a decade long depression, I am sure we could learn to live without Middle East oil and cut Israel adrift.