How is the truth hidden when we have so much information at our fingertips? Why has no mainstream media source talked about the questions that every "American" needs to ask, but will only ask when it is to late? Why is it that our constitution it being shredded before our very eyes? How can we as a population be so ignorant to the injustice? Why has no one heard of the North American Union..? Why am I disgusted with the secrecy and personal gains our government has been a part of since the inception of the "Federal Reserve System"? The Honest response I hope I get from anyone who happens upon this is absolutely nothing, just ask these questions yourself, answer these questions for yourself, find the conclusions on you own. We are a "country" of individuals, with a Bill of Rights and a Constitution to protect our individualism, we can not let anyone take that away. The scary thing is that every day we let OUR government do just that. Citizen4Change