"Love everyone/everything and do what you like" - St. Augustine

Let me break this sentence down to make it simple to understand for the more stubborn posters.

Love = respect, understand, tolerate, accept, all of these words used unconditionally

Everyone/Everything = all that has been created, all that you can interact with, all that exists

and = means there's something else coming

do = personally act on something, individually take it upon yourself to make an action

what = used in the conjunction term in this sentence, it is one of the 5 W's used for interrogative questions

you = whatever it is that is reading this and aknowledges that it is reading this and will answer in a comment or not

like = something that you (see above) find enjoyable to do (see above)

Now on to the question and discussion part:

Are humans too lazy to think for others, and would rather enslave someone else to do something for them?

What is keeping humanity behind?  We have tried to answer questions like this forever and we just can't come up with an answer, the only answer is to keep doing what we are doing.

We can discuss any of your questions as well as long as they relate to the topic.