Early-onset ageism is a fact of life for women in Hollywood, so when my acting career was "downsided" at midlife, I segued into a career in the healing arts.  What I discovered as a clinical hypnotherapist was how much the media has "hypnotized" us into believing that women lose value as we get older...particularly in terms of our sexuality.

Ultimately, my own suggestibility to the positive suggestions I gave my clients led me to reclaiming my acting career. Because my new career goal -- to help change the negative stereotypes associated with aging -- is an offshoot from my mission as a hypnotherapist, I feel that in many ways I am still in the healing arts. I am an actor-shaman -- offering “prescriptions” for mental health, wellness and longevity delivered via laughter, storytelling and, yes, the joys of sex -- as a stand-up comic and with "MOIST!"  the "sexistential" musical comedy celebration of the seasoned woman  I co-wrote & co-star in with Iona Morris scheduled to open Off-Broadway in 2009. 

To me, every year older means another year we're still here. I encourage everyone to...