" The Bronx is Burning" is an image, Howard Cossel, Yankees world series many years ago. New image "The Bronx Bulb and Flower Capital of the World." Every fall, children would help plant bulbs and flowers in public spaces. People would be encourage to have window boxes with flowers. Boxes would be provided for free. There would prizes for best windows and building prizes in may categories. In the Spring there would an "Annual Tulip Ball". We would  create/develop  a relation with the Netherlands where our name (The Bronx=the Brock Farm) originates from and have them visit us & we would visit them from time to time. We would create a farm in partnership with the Bronx Botanical Gardens to grow different kinds of flowers and bulbs and  teach children from the Bronx and vicinity about the beauty and value  of flowers. This would create beauty and a an business opportunity for many.