After a bad fall at work, I was unable to return for over a year and a half. The bills were piling up and I was sinking fast. With Workers Comp. I was receiving not even a third of my regular pay, but was expected to live off of that. I had been turned down for partial disablility, even tho my doctor filled out all the needed paperwork. I turned to my local Department of health and human resources. As I set there waiting to talk to someone I noticed several woman with 3 and 4 kids, also waiting. When I finally got called back, it took less than 10 minutes for the worker to inform me that I did not qualify for any assistance. She very bluntly informed me that I was a white male, with no dependants, no alcohol or drug problems, nor did I have a mental disability. The best she could do for me was to offer me 93.00 a month in food stamps.

So let me get this straight, Because I haven't pumped out 4 or 5 kids, never got involved with drugs or alcohol, and am mentally competant, I am being punished? I have worked and paid taxes since I was 16. But when I need assistance I don't qualify? Because of the circumstances that occurred I lost my Car, my home, and had to move in with my parents to start all over. I still have some major issues with my back, and have been told that I could go onto permenant disability with I filled out all the paperwork. I choose to continue to work. I and on a pain management regimen, that allows me to comfortably work my 8 hour day and if I need to rest I do it when I get home. It's instilled in me to work, But why? Why should I continue to work and pay taxes to help a government that doesn't feel a need to help me when I need it?

I was disccussing this with a friend of mine who brought up a valid point. There is a reason the government continues to fund woman to have babies. The majority of these kids will grow up in poverty, having nothing, and not much hope for the future. For them to gain any form of education, They will turn to the military, enlisting in the hopes of paying for their education. therefoe supplying the government with military personnel. Keep kids poor and you have a life time supply of army recruits. especially when you wage a pointless war.

Meanwhile, ignore the single males who refuse to continue over populating this country. If you aren't willing to breed than don't come to us when you need help. What a great concept.