I've been thinking and striving to answer the sort of questions asked here on Big Think every day for every bit of 9 years.  I do it because I immensely love life in its entirety.  I have a feeling of love for everyone.  I am building on that.  Not afraid to say it and intend to let it be known.  So, needless to say, when I heard about this web site I was excited.  There are clashing egos, disagreements, there's bickering, and there are beautifully awesome ideas brought up.  This ongoing Big Think discussion is wonderful.  A dream come true.

So, what is your goal(s) here?  There have been similar questions asked but, I think it's important to keep asking yourself.  Keep your eye on the goal.  Mine is to do what ever I can to save the world.  To love and continue to try to understand.  To communicate.  To mix it up a little.  I hope my contribution is beneficial to you.   

A lot of people want to do there part to save the world.  Nice to meet those of you that are here.