Who am I?  What am I looking at? Where am I looking from?  When I look in the mirror I see and acknowledge myself.  I see others acknowledging me, who see me acknowledging them.  I see animate objects as well as the inanimate.  Is there a difference?  Break us down small enough and we are all composed of the same energy.  Energy that can't be created or destroyed just changed.

 But are we just lumps of meat walking around?  Or are we more.  Is there something inside us that is our true and "immortal" selves?  Are we anything without the body? 

 When the mind sleeps where do you go? When you dream and you are aware of you dreaming why does it sometimes feel more real than reality? 

What is memory?  Where is memory stored? How can I use MY past in order to create MY future?  Why can we see behind when we cannot see ahead?

 If the eyes are the windows INTO the world.  Whats outside?  And how can we be both in and out at the same time?

I ask a lot of questions here.  Most can't be proven or fully explained.  We can guess.  Which we love to do.  People love to tell you what "they think".  But how do I even know that your BLUE is my BLUE.  How can we be sure that we are all in the same world.  If I am in my world and you are in your world.  How can we be in the same world.  I can go on all day.  I won't.  But  I could.  So let me pose one question.

 What are we?  And.  How do you KNOW.    

NOT "why do you think" How can you look inside yourselves and KNOW.

I think therefore I am.

 Good luck.