It seems that everything philosophy was ever good for or ever developed has been subsumed other some other name (e.g, science, sociology, evolutionary psychology, anthropology, the President etc.). During the twentieth century it was thought the role of philosophy was to sort out our misunderstandings of the world by the analysis and systemization of language. This proved futile in solving philosophical problems such as the nature of space and time or why my toe hurts when I stub it. In place of these questions we have unknowingly attributed the title 'Philosopher' to purely rational thinkers like Einstein or empirical investigators like Pinker leaving the philosophers (both trained and natural) with nothing to do but be a critic of the highest brow. Philosophical unemployment is further exasperated by a resounding public 'stink eye'. Philosophy has been condemned many times in the past, but has always found a role to play. What will be its role in the 21st Century?