Once again I am back with but more questions. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy learning and reading everything that everyone is posting on my question topics, no matter what your beliefs. So I have one more, and this one is more directly geared towards the atheists. There is no harm intended in this question, just one that I wonder about what kind of answer I will get. I know the Christian view on life, and I know a generalized version of what an atheist believes about life's purpose. I just can't help but guess that the generalized version of an atheist's view on life and the truth are one and the same. So, I pose the question. If no one created us, and there is no afterlife, and there is no higher calling, then what is the purpose of this life? What keeps you going if things get tough? What is the point? Again, I am not going to push my views on you, I just want a better understanding of your beliefs. Thanks for at least reading my ramblings, if not contributing.