So what exactly does the phrase 'News Story' actually convey and mean? It seems to imply a contradiction in that we expect 'news' to be one thing and a 'story' another. Or is it actually a contradiction if you take the view that the vast majority of such stories should always be treated with great caution, i.e. as 'faction'? I have personally suffered a number of incidents where my words were parsed (sic) through the jouralistic encryption device (his/her ears) and de-encrypted (into a newspaper in print) with a completely different and innacurate meaning. The 'story' remained, but in the traditional sense, i.e. a work of fiction, that may be based on some kind of fact, or not (like the Gospels, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). The 'news'? Well that is more difficult to assess, as it cannot now be extracted from the 'story', as they are now inextricably linked. I can tell a 'story' easily and it is understood in its context as just that. But can I relate the 'news'? I could I suppose if, and only if, I could report the facts as they actually are without prejudice, or innacuracy. But can a journalist ever really do this unless they are reporting on personal experience? No, is the obvious answer. So maybe we define the output as a 'news story' simply to mark it as almost certainly innacurate and probably also biased? But if that is the case, does the viewer/reader understand the usage of the term and therefore treat the words in an appropriate manner? I doubt it.