I have to learn something, I have to make my Ideas short and sweet or change my sex to very pretty women to get any attention on my ideas.  So one of those are out, I will let you decider with my tone of voice. So there is something on my mind and it has been on my mind for a while.  I believe that all are economic problems could be solved.  Not easily but it is possible to get out of this with out really truly hurting anyone’s pocket.  My thoughts are that corporations are users and an abusers of are consuming culture.  They get help when it comes from income tax to tax breaks from the government.  But, how can someone get a tax break if they aren’t really paying them to start?So, is taxing corporations the solution? It is part of the even bigger solution.  I feel that the Fair Tax is part of that.  To solve the economic problems we have now we need to tax the corporations.  That is includes the broader range of what a corporation is. What is a corporation? They sell something, a Product and or service.  What is something else that sells product and doesn’t get taxed.  It sells a train of thought and life style as a product.  It is the billion dollar corporation which is the LARGEST Corporation in the world. That is the Churches. I feel if are country got 1% of what they make in one year, are problems would be solved. That will never be done, so I say the Fair Tax. You can give respect to something by treating it like any other business.  We give exceptions to them and others which they have shown to take advantage of it. If you don’t think that Religion is a big business you have no clue.  I feel that churches with all their talks of helping people are hurting people by not getting taxed.    I will ask you Do you think Corprations and Religions should pay taxes? Just think of what Religion stands for and if this would help PEOPLE.