Mankind is on the cusp of major advancements in medicine. Literally hundreds of break-through therapies are making their way through the research pipeline. This due to in-part to major advancements in basic research in the 1990's: DNA, stem cells, biologics, nano-technology, etc. 

While the potential of these advances in medicine is incredibly exciting, there is a looming problem that is sure to slow things down unless it is addressed.  There are not enough physicians conducting clinical trials.

It's not that doctors don't want to do research. They do. In fact, 97% of physicians practicing in the US have said they would participate in clinical research if they had access to a facility that is dedicated to medical research.

We are looking for a foundation or wealthy individual with $2 to 20 million available to endow such a facility. With your help, we will create a non-profit, state-of-the-art research center that

    *  is designed to do medical research
    *  has a dedicated staff that specializes in clinical research, and
    *  is self-sustaining.
We can locate this facility anywhere you want. It can specialize in any disease or medical condition or patient population you want. We will name it whatever you want. Because your gift will endow a perpetual institution, your legacy will live on forever.