The idea I had for God when I found big think was "Imagine God Evolving". I proposed in my idea that it is our responsibility to use our imagination to continually evolve God. Somewhere on this blogosphere I have mentioned:

"I know absolutely nothing of God, that is why it is constantly on my mind".

So here it goes: God 2.0

The Void is God.

All things are born from the Void including God.

All things are contained with in the Void including God.

God is unknowable, undefinable, and uncomprehensible, so is the Void.

Without the Void, no thing would have a place to be.

God gives all things the possibility of being, so does the Void.

We are born from God, we will return to God. We are born from nothing, we will return to nothing. The Void allows space for things to be, and when they cease to be, they return their space to the Void.

The Void gives you no choice in being, cares nothing of the choices you make while being, and then again, gives you no choice but to return from being.

Something like that.